Why Static Web?


Static is
more secure

By serving a static representation of your website you vastly reduce your websites attack surface. Move your Wordpress or Drupal site behind authentication layers, or take it off public networks entirely to completely remove risk.


costs less

To serve at scale you generally require complex, heavy serving architecture. Auto-scaling web servers, database, caching layers -- the modern web is not cheap.

Static is lean. It is the most distilled, pure representation of content you can send your end uesrs. It costs vastly less to serve at massive scale than traditional architectures.


Static is

Reduce your environment impact by scaling down your gargantuan serving infrastructure.

Going static means a lighter, leaner web presence and equates to a more energy efficient way to serve web content.


is faster

Nothing is faster than precompiled, static assets. Typical CMSes are dynamic in nature, rebuilding your page content constantly when visitors hit your site.

With Quant your content is only ever rendered once, when it changes. From that point on you are serving the fastest possible result to your end users.

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Fewer moving parts means lower hosting cost

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Leaner, static file serving means reduced attack surface and higher security

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Fewer moving parts means faster website responsiveness

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More Scalable

Static files and less moving parts means you can scale with ease to meet peak demand.

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Global Content Delivery Network

Global network of servers deliver your content locally to your customers with higher redundancy and lower latency.

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Simple setup. Keep your website

One click setup. From there any changes made to your website are automatically converted and hosted as Static Web content by QuantCDN.


Set up your site in 5 minutes.

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