About Quant

QuantCDN is an all-in-one Static Web solution and global Content Delivery Network (CDN) that can generate and host a static version of your existing website with minimal effort. Once set up, any website changes you make via your existing Content Management System (CMS) will automatically be converted and hosted as Static Web content by QuantCDN. It’s that simple.

QuantCDN seamlessly integrates with CMS’s such as Drupal and Wordpress, as well as popular static generators such as Jekyll, Hugo, Hexo, Gatsby, MkDocs, Docusaurus, Pelican, and more. Or it can even be as simple as uploading a zip file via the Dashboard.

QuantCDN is a privately held company that was conceived in 2019 by a team of enterprise engineers located across New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Australia. The founders have a solid background in architecting, implementing and maintaining mission critical digital technologies in the government and corporate enterprise market. Their vision for QuantCDN was to provide a platform that would lower the barrier-to-entry for non-technical users to realise the tremendous performance, security and cost benefits of the Static Web paradigm.

What makes QuantCDN unique is the ease with which users can continue leveraging their existing investment in web tooling and workflows, while gaining all the benefits that Static Web has to offer. And all of this served on a global, highly redundant CDN platform.

QuantCDN Pty Ltd is an Australian registered company.
  ABN: 75 645 169 606
  ACN: 645 169 606