Hope you’ve had a great May so far! Here’s what’s been going on at Quant over the past month.



Quant Dashboard

  • Added support for js injection in alerts.
  • Added enforced two-factor auth for organisations.
  • Added guides to integrations page.
  • Miscellaneous UX improvements.

Quant CLI (repo)

  • Release: v1.4.0
  • Added extra-domains option for crawler.
  • Minor maintenance and bug fixes.


Quant Actions

QuantCDN Deploy Action (repo)

  • No updates in May 2021.


Quant Drupal Integration (repo) (drupal.org)

Drupal 9

  • Added Quant Purger module.
  • Added sending generated assets on node save.
  • Added more error handling.
  • Added image style generation.
  • Updated logic for revisions and response codes.
  • Updated timestamp field schema.
  • Miscellaneous maintenance, DX, and bug fixes.

Drupal 7

  • No updates in May 2021.

Quant WordPress Integration (repo) (wordpress.org)

  • Release: 1.2.0
  • Added support for seeding entire media library.
  • Added markup and connection validation.
  • Added restart seed button.
  • Improved support for Elementor.
  • Updated README documentation.
  • Miscellaneous maintenance, UX, DX, and bug fixes.


Documentation and Examples

Quant Docs Site (repo) (site)

  • Added new docs: authentication, custom 404, forms
  • Added WordPress Elementor and Contact Form 7 info.
  • Improved docs: alerts, content, domains, get-started, go-live, welcome.
  • Changed default theme to dark mode.
  • Minor maintenance updates.

Quant Examples

QuantCDN Gatsby Actions Example (repo)

  • No updates in May 2021.

QuantCDN Jekyll Circle Example (repo)

  • No updates in May 2021.

QuantCDN VuePress Example (repo)

  • No updates in May 2021.

Insights, Blogs and Case Studies

About QuantCDN

Quant is a global static edge; a CDN combined with static web hosting. We provide solutions to help make WordPress and Drupal sites static, as well as support for all popular static site generators.