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Building Drupal Steward with the Drupal Association.

What is Drupal Steward?

Drupal Steward is a web application firewall (WAF) that bridges the gap between the time when a security release is announced and when your site is fully updated with the new security patch. This globally-distributed service from the Drupal Security Team and the Drupal Association provides immediate, affordable protection for your website, while giving your IT team the flexibility to implement site updates without disrupting other priorities. Proceeds from the Drupal Steward program support the Drupal project.

Good Citizenship for a stronger Drupal

At QuantCDN, we have a close relationship with Drupal. For this reason, we were thrilled to be chosen as the delivery partner to develop the new Drupal Steward management portal, available now.

Individual site owners, or agencies who manage sites for many clients, can sign up to the portal to fully manage their protected domains, view security advisories for Drupal, and manage their billing for the service. With both individual and organizational accounts, the portal provides time-saving management tools for any size of business working with Drupal.

The QuantCDN team worked closely with the Drupal Association, customizing the codebase of our own portal to meet the needs of the Drupal Association. This allowed for a quicker time to market, and allows us to collaborate on common functionality in the future.

How does it work?

Drupal Steward is a globally-distributed WAF managed directly by the Drupal Security Team and the Drupal Association. It runs on the Section Edge Platform, the same platform we use here at Quant to deliver scalable, flexible experiences directly at edge.

Simply update your DNS to route through Drupal Steward to have your Drupal sites protected against known vulnerabilities.

The low-cost pricing model makes it an affordable option for all Drupal sites, big and small.

About QuantCDN

QuantCDN is a static site generator and static hosting platform for Drupal & WordPress, with full support for other popular static site generators.

Security is a key aspect of our platform and the shift to static web. We believe securing your Drupal application with Drupal Steward and offloading public access to our static hosting service represents the ultimate in protection for your Drupal sites.

Quant is always free for open source projects.