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Add Quant Search to your Drupal 7 static site

Quant Search provides an easy way to add faceted Algolia search to your static websites. This step-by-step guide shows you how to add Quant Search to a static version of your Drupal 7 site for the best of static and search.

How to freeze and take static archive of your old site

Legacy sites can be a major burden to maintain. Use Quant to take a static snapshot of your old website to start saving money, stop maintaining your old servers and software, and remove your risk of security vulnerabilities. Archive your legacy content easily.

Automate static deployments with Quant CLI

An introduction to the Quant CLI tool to show how deployments can be introduced into current CI/CD pipelines to achieve automated Quant deployments. First in a series that will explore integrations and examples with popular CI cloud providers.