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ApexWise: The easiest way to manage your apex / bare / root / domain redirection.
Free for 3 domains.

This month we launched a brand new service to simplify the process of managing redirects from apex (otherwise known as bare, root, or naked) domains, as well as vanity domains.

We have been involved in web projects since forever, and a common issue from day 1 has been management of apex domains.

An apex domain refers to your domain without any prefix (for example quantcdn.io vs www.quantcdn.io). The challenge is rather technical in nature, but effectively these apex domains need to be treated in a different way to subdomains which are commonly managed via CNAME records in DNS. An Apex domain must point to one or more static IP addresses via A record (unless your DNS provider supports ALIAS records or CNAME flattening) - needless to say it is complex, with no clear standard implemented across all DNS providers.

Even once you solve the DNS problem, you generally need to have one canonical domain that actually serves content, while all others (e.g apex and vanity) should redirect to it. This is important for search engine optimization (SEO) and caching strategies. You do not want Google and co to think you have duplicate content spanning multiple domains, and you do not want to have traffic splits causing the need to cache the same content multiple times, not to mention what that means for log aggregation and metrics analysis.

So what does ApexWise do?

ApexWise takes the pain out of managing these apex and vanity domains by allowing you to easily create redirect rules. For example, a rule to redirect from quantcdn.io to www.quantcdn.io. You can even use advanced redirect rules to apply route-based redirection rules (for example quantcdn.io/api/* could redirect to api.quantcdn.io).

SSL certificates will automatically be generated and maintained, meaning any requests to either http or https variants of your domains will be handled.

For advanced users, we are entirely API enabled, meaning you can automate the process of apex and vanity domain management in your own platforms for a vastly lower cost of building and maintaining your own infrastructure.

Not to mention, this service runs on QuantCDN, our global edge content delivery network. This means your users will be redirected lightning quick, as they will be served by a server located in their region.

ApexWise is free for up to 3 domains, try it out today.

About QuantCDN

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