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A brief history of Drupal 7 and overview of end-of-life options

With any technology, there will be doomsday sayers and there will be the normal evolution of growth and decline. Knowing the power of Drupal and the character of the Drupal community, I’m optimistic that Drupal will be a viable CMS for years to come. But, where does that leave Drupal 7? Let's take a look at a brief history of Drupal 7 and beyond, and what D7 end-of-life (EOL) options are available.

We archived Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo! Answers has been a staple of the internet for decades. On May 4th 2021, the popular site was shut down forever, taking 80+ million pages off the internet in the process. Quant attempted to take a full snapshot before that happened.

Back To The Static

In the beginning, the web was static. Join Quant as we journey back to the days of Netscape Navigator and dial up modems and rediscover the pros of serving static websites instead of complex web serving architectures.