Add Quant Search to your Drupal 7 static site

Quant Search provides an easy way to add faceted Algolia search to your static websites. This step-by-step guide shows you how to add Quant Search to a static version of your Drupal 7 site for the best of static and search.

QuantCDN's additional support for geolocation based rules

The latest release of the Quant Edge includes support for advanced traffic routing based on a user's location. This allows great flexibility; for example, serve static to certain countries while serving as a traditional CDN to others, block access to Drupal and WordPress logins, and much more.

Geoscience Australia chooses Quant for digital transformation

Geoscience Australia is a large and distributed organization with many programs, groups, and goals. Their web technologies and interfaces vary from site to site which creates for a fragmented user experience, more difficult maintenance, and siloed content. Their dated and disparate infrastructure also has suboptimal security and performance. They chose Quant as part of their digital transformation.

Styling your sitewide alerts in the Quant Alert editor

The Alert editor feature in the Quant Dashboard lets you create a sitewide alert that is displayed on each page of your website. Alerts are great for news, announcements, and other time-sensitive information.